16 February, 2010

Journals and Professors

Wow! I turned in what I had at the end of the semester, well a little over a week ago, and got a great response from my professor! Now I am excited for summer to get here. You may be wondering why I am so excited so soon?! Well, I am glad you asked. I have been given the opportunity to submit one chapter of my thesis for publication in an online journal that my prof is the editor of. What a great honor! I have one more semester to go before my thesis is complete and his feedback has been most thrilling. It takes having a wonderful professor and advisor (can’t forget her and all of her input as well) to keep me focused on my work and to keep me interested. I am greatly indebted to their interest and help along the way thus far!

I will post more later as I learn more about the publication (date and link). For those interested, here is a link to The Virginia Review of Asian Studies (VRAS).