09 July, 2010

Virginia Review of Asian Studies 2010

I am officially published! Please click here to go to the latest volume of VRAS (an annual publication). Once there, click on "Scholarly Notes" and look for the article by Julie Hayes (that's me).

01 July, 2010

Thesis: Chapter 3 (old 4)

What a day! I spent many hours today doing some final readings, answering some questions from my prof within my Chapter, and making sure all of my footnotes were also listed in the Works Cited page! I am not sure how I feel about this chapter yet as I feel it needs at least a gazillion more pages, LOL. What can I say? I am my own harshest critic. Now I will turn my attention to the Introduction chapter and the Concluding chapter while I await a response/feedback on Chapter 3.

I have also made some preliminary changes to the blog, but I won't put them in place for at least a month as it is not as important as finishing my thesis on time. Stay tuned...