31 March, 2010

"Make Mine Freedom!" (1948)

I have to thank Parsley for sharing this video on her blog. It is really an interesting little video and fits well with today's government:

30 March, 2010

Final Semester....Here I Come!!!

It's almost that time again! Time for a new semester at Vermont College of Union Institute & University. I am so ready for this one to begin. If all goes as planned, it will be my LAST! Yay!!! Ok, I won't party too soon 'cause ya never know. But I am sure all will go well enough.

This being my last semester, I have to put much more effort into completing my thesis. I have 2 and a half chapters to write. The half chapter is the remainder of the Introduction (Chapter 1). I have already begun researching for Chapter 4: The House of Wisdom in the West (or something to that effect). I am looking closely at Andalusia for much of the chapter and will pan out from there for a few pages. I say Andalusia because this is where the Caliphate in the West was located under the Umayyads. I am currently reading a chapter in Scott Montgomery's Science in Translation and making notes of scientists listed within. Here are a few that I am planning to look into a bit more:
  • Gerbert of Aurillac
  • Adelard of Bath
  • Gerard of Cremona
  • John of Seville
  • Hugh of Santalla
  • Dominicus Gundissalinus
  • Michael Scot
  • Petrus Alfonsi
  • William Moerbeke
I am sure I will find others along the way, but this is a start for now.

In other scholarly news, Ovation networks recently aired a special called "Paradise Found: Islamic Architecture and Art".

I caught a little bit of it, more than half way through the program, where the narrator was talking about Cordoba and the Umayyad Caliphate. I am hoping to catch the whole thing sometime in the near future, through the Google link I bookmarked (lol). Apparently, this documentary is a few years old.

Looking at the Ovation website, I did find another program scheduled to air Apri1 11 at 8pm called "Andalusia: The Legacy of the Moors". I will be watching that show, but the following week on April 17 at 9pm.

26 March, 2010

Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan

The University of Michigan has put together an incredible catalog dedicated to Islamic Manuscripts. Check out their website!

14 March, 2010

Semester Break

Well, we have been on break since mid-February and I am starting to get a bit restless. Over the past couple of days, I have slowly gotten back into the research mode. I have found a few articles that I intend to read over the next week or so and have purchased a couple of books that I have had perpetually checked out from the USF library since November. I have two more that I for sure will be purchasing next month. Check back soon for some "words of wisdom" from me about my readings.