25 August, 2011

al-Khalili's House of Wisdom

I know I posted a while back that I will be reviewing this book on my blog. Just want to update you that I am still reading it. I actually didn't start it right away, but what I have read so far is very interesting. I love the fact that this book is from the perspective of an Iraqi who grew up with an understanding of this institution. I also like the fact that it is written by a scientist and not an historian in the academic sense. This author gives more authentication to the House of Wisdom in my mind. I really wish I could have used this book on my Thesis. I am just glad to have added it to my bookshelf and will post a review as soon as I finish reading it.

29 July, 2011

The Devil's Double

For those of you interested in Modern Iraqi History, there is a new movie out in the US about one of the brave men who served as a body double, or fiday, for one of Hussein's sons. During my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, I became acquainted with this man while writing a paper on Saddam Hussein for a European History Senior Seminar. His book, I Was Saddam's Son, truly fascinated me and I am so very excited to see that a script has been written and made into a film. I can't wait to see it and hope it comes to my area very soon!

If you want to know more about what Hussein was like to those closest to him, I strongly recommend Dr. Yahia's book mentioned above. It's insightful, heartbreaking, and most importantly his own words on his life as Uday Hussein's double.

14 March, 2011

The House of Wisdom, revisited

I am so excited! I found a new book, yet to be released, through the History Book Club, called The House of Wisdom by Jim al-Khalil. Now where was this book while I was writing my Thesis last year, lol! Anyway, I ordered it and can't wait to get into the pages to learn what this author has to say. I am so grateful to have studied this institution and am finding more published on it. I anticipate receiving this text sometime in April, so stay tuned for a review!