01 November, 2009

ASMEA Conference Update

I really enjoyed attending my first professional conference and learned a lot from the panels I sat in on. There was a good variety of information being presented, as well as an impressive book display (with books based primarily on the topics of the papers presented). I would have to say my favorite part of the conference was meeting the Drs. Bernard Lewis and Arthur Goldschmidt, Jr. What a wonderful wealth of information! It was also nice to see the military/DoD play an active role in the conference. This is quite an unusual thing to get academics and DoD on the same page! Kudos to those who presented!! Here is a pic of some of the handouts and a new book by Dr. Lewis (which he graciously signed):

During my time in the DC area, I did manage to visit Arlington National Cemetery and the opening day of the Falnama exhibit at the Sackler Gallery. I enjoyed my trek through the cemetery, although I do recommend tennis shoes! HA!! The Gallery was not allowing photography in the exhibit, so I don't have any of my own to share. I did purchase the lovely $40.00 book that contains pictures of everything in the exhibit. Maybe the book is their way of getting us to buy something?! Anyway, here are a few pics from Arlington:

Women in Military Service Memorial and Arlington House

The Eternal Flame and Opposite the flame looking toward DC

Bobby Kennedy and Ted Kennedy

Since my return, I have been steadily working on some papers I need to turn in - soon. I am almost finished reading the Lyons book and will begin on the next book immediately following. Look for an update on the Lyons Book Review in the next day or so.

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