16 April, 2009

Course Syllabus

One of the documents I am working on for my Applications I class is a syllabus for a class I may want to teach. Since I am really interested in the history of Iraq, and I have noticed that it is not a topic currently taught on it's own, I thought it would be fun to come up with a syllabus for that. I found a book that would be a great required text - Iraq: People, History, Politics by Gareth R. V. Stansfield (2007). I actually went online to www.bn.com and purchased it for my own personal library as it sounds like a good read. I initially found the book on Google Books and added it to my library there, but it is only a limited preview. That's one thing I don't like about Google Books, but I guess I will survive. lol

So far, I have outlined what the course activities would be, the outcomes, and some detail on the description. Some of the activities I would have in this class are: required readings (not limited to the text), reading journal, and a term paper - not having to mention the obvious mid-term and final exams. I think this course would be ideal as a Special Topics style course - an overview or examination of the history of Iraq. Something that an undergraduate would take at the junior or senior level after taking one or more classes in World History.

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