31 January, 2010

Wrapping Up this Semester

Well, this semester is nearing a close and I feel that I have accomplished quite a bit on my thesis. I still have quite a bit to go. Keep checking in for updates as I progress into al-Andalus and Europe. For the remaining two weeks of this term, I will be busily finishing Chapters 2 and 3. Over the break, I plan to continue my readings in preparation for Chapter 4 – The House of Wisdom and the West. This is the chapter that will focus on the scientific advancements coming into Europe from Baghdad. I plan to highlight some of those Arab/Muslim scientists that worked in al-Andalus and the European scientists who worked with the Muslim contributions and improved upon them. This will pave the way for the concluding chapter where I plan to discuss the importance of reclaiming this “golden age” to various regimes (such as the Taliban and Osama bin Laden) and why it is important to preserve what little is left of the primary source materials including illustrations such as a partial physician’s license.

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